This is the primary membership type that allows voting for TCF initiatives. Obtaining this membership requires identity verification and small membership fee (later).

  • Eugene Koinov,
  • Ivan Skorikov
  • Oleksandr Murzin
  • Rustam Shigapov, DAO Ecosystem Evolution
  • Samodurov Sergey
  • Emil Walker,
  • Vasiliev Alexander Kirillovich,
  • Dmitriy Karaush,
  • Kirill Emelyanenko,
  • Andrei Malykhin, Bitnum
  • Aleksandr Vat
  • Daniel Pérez, TON Spain /
  • Dongbeom Kim, /
  • Roman Dashevskii,
  • Luca Ambrosini,
  • Anton Lapin, TON Info
  • Philippe Rodriguez, TON France
  • Ivan Podtsebnev,
  • Vladislav Ponomarev, /
  • Tooz Wu, TON China
  • Andrey Ustyugov, IMI.VC
  • Ruslan Soluyanov
  • Kirill Alder
  • Egor Belkovets
  • Aleksandr Urazaev
  • Oleksii Vynogradov,
  • Vadim Chayukov,
  • Alexandr Hadeev, Tochka
  • Konstantin Gladych,
  • Makosov Anatoliy, /
  • Sergey Prilutskiy,
  • Dmitry Aksyonov
  • Sergio Casagrande

Associated Members

The only requirement to become an associate is to volunteer. No additional verification required, at least now.


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Current requests statistics (04/11/2020)
– 400+ requests received
– 200+ requests reviewed

Observer Pool

Observer Pool members are invited individually by TCF. These are media representatives, bloggers and other people independent of TCF and TON, whose main help is to ensure the public transparency of TCF’s activities – they can participate in our chats, meetings of the Governing Council and other activities, without having a voting right.

  •, Anna Baydakova